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Newest Scents in Wax Melts

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Our wax melts contain a blend of soy and paraffin wax and has a high fragrance retention with excellent cold and hot throw characteristics.

Moonflower Nectar, Neroli, Orange Blossom, Wild Lilac Leaves, Ylang Ylang, Turkish Rose, Sugared Tuberose, White Musk, Sandalwood, Guaiacwood

Black Amber Lavender
Greens, Lavender, Sage, Black Amber, Myrrh, 
Egyptian Musk, Tonka Bean

Strawberry Poundcake
Sweet Strawberries, Lemon Zest, Fluffy Pound Cake, Sugar Crystals, Whipped Cream, Vanilla

Raspberry Custard
Melted Butter, Orange Zest, Candied Apple, Ripe Raspberries, Brown Sugar, Tart Berries, Creamy Custard, Sparkling Musk, Vanilla Whip

French Toast
Buttered Maple Syrup, Caramelized Sugar, Gourmand Cream Custard, Cinnamon, Toasted Sourdough Bread, Vanilla Bean

Cosmic Berry
Beauty Berry, Apple Peel, Blackberry Jam, Lemon Zest, Shaved Coconut, Sweet Raspberry, White Jasmine, 
Sugared Musk, White Amber

Blueberry Pecan Waffles
Juicy Blueberry, Pecan, Waffles, Maple Syrup, Vanilla, Butter

Crunch Cake
Yellow cake, butter, pecans, and hints of spice

Lemon Sugar Cake
Lemon Zest, Sweet Sugar, Butter, Fried Dough, Cake

Clean Cotton
Cotton, Ozone, Jasmine Powder, Musk

 Rose Bouquet
Crisp Greens, Ozone, Red Rose, Geranium, Floral Musk, Violet

Net Wt. 1.6 oz

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